Extencion and Resources

Consultancy and Assessment

The CIIE develops its consultancy and evaluation activity grounded on the reputation, knowledge and expertise of the members of the research team, constituting a crucial area of the Centre’s knowledge transfer strategy.

This work allows consolidating and extending links to policymakers, education stakeholders, private and public organisations, who benefit from this capability, and the income it brings is important to the research carried out by the team.

Consultancy contracts and evaluation services are strengthened through the development of studies, reports, as well as by consultancy, assessment, education and expertise services provided to several institutions. CIIE has excelled in advising and consulting government departments, making an important contribution to the policy-making process regarding the educational and social field.


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Scientific Consultancy - TEIP - Paredes Schools Cluster

Paredes SG · Ariana Cosme

Sicentific Consultancy - TEIP3 - Matosinhos Schools Cluster

Matosinhos SG

Scientific Consultancy -TEIP3 - Perafita Schools Cluster

Perafita SG · Carla Figueiredo

Scientific Consultancy - TEIP - Souselo Schools Cluster

Souselo SG · Ariana Cosme

Scientific Consultancy - TEIP3 - Souselo Schools Cluster

Souselo SC · Ana Mouraz

Scientific Consultancy - TEIP3 - Fernando Távora Schools Cluster

Fernando Távora SC · CIIE Team

Scientific Consultancy - TEIP3 - Óscar Lopes Schools Cluster

Óscar Lopes SC · Ariana Cosme

Scientific Consultancy - Inclusive pedagogical practices in the classroom

Francisco Holanda Schools Group

Social Impact Mediation Studies of the "Digital Skills" action

Municipality of Santa Maria da Feira · CIIE Team

Scientific Consultancy - TEIP/3 - Cristelo Schools Cluster

Cristelo SC · Ariana Cosme

Scientific Consultancy - Leadership in promoting inclusive educational environments

Francisco Holanda Schools Cluster