The Sport, Education and Communities Observatory (ODEC)*/CIIE-FPCEUP, is a network of knowledge that brings together contributions from different social and human sciences and is a space for experimentation and the development of ideas and projects linked to sport in society, as well as the systematisation, production and dissemination of scientific knowledge developed in this field.


  • Systematisation of knowledge around the articulation between the fields of education-sport-health-environment and communities-social inclusion, and the creation of a platform for sharing this knowledge;
  • Promoting work networks, sharing and transferring scientifically validated knowledge at local, national and international level;
  • Organising debates and promoting collaborations based on networks;
  • Fostering links with educational contexts and spaces;
  • Establishing partnerships in communities with different characteristics (sports and youth Clubs and Associations, Schools, IPSS, Local Councils, National Federations);
  • Promoting links with important organisations in the areas of childhood, youth and sport;
  • Involving a diverse target audience such as athletes and interlocutors from sports clubs and associations, students and teachers of physical education and school sport, researchers and students of educational sciences and other areas of knowledge;
  • Liaising with coordinators and students from the different fields and levels of education (secondary education, higher education, 2nd and 3rd cycle), becoming a space for development, training and experimentation for students and researchers whose interests are linked to the areas in focus; 
  • Create networks at national and international level for the development of joint research and projects associated with ODEC's areas of intervention.

COORDINATION: Teresa Silva Dias; Carla Malafaia; Cosmin Nada; Marta Sampaio; Norberto Ribeiro; Sofia Castanheira Pais

SCIENTIFIC COUNCIL (being updated): 
Isabel Menezes, CIIE Director, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, UP
Sofia Marques da Silva, (CIIE), Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, UP
Amélia Lopes, (CIIE), Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, UP
Preciosa Fernandes, (CIIE), Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, UP
Sofia Castanheira Pais, (CIIE), Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, UP
Tiago Neves, (CIIE), Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, UP 
Amélia Veiga, (CIIE), Faculty of Psychology and Educational Science, UP 
Ariana Cosme, (CIIE), Faculty of Psychology and Educational Science, UP
Nuno Corte Real, (CIFI2D), Faculty of Sport, UP
Rui Marcelino, University of Maia
Paula Batista, (CIFI2D, CIIE), Faculty of Sport, UP
José Carlos Carvalho (CINTESIS), Porto Nursing School
Catarina Morais, (CEDH), Faculty of Education and Psychology, UC Porto
Rita Barros (CIIE collaborator; RECI coordinator), Instituto Piaget
Pedro Teques, President of the Portuguese Society of Sports Psychology and Director of the IPMAIA Research Centre

ADVISORY BOARD (currently being updated): 
Representatives of relevant public bodies in the areas of sport, education and social inclusion in terms of intervention and/or funding.
Representatives of the Olympic Committee.
Representatives of sports federations.
Representatives of School Sport.

OBSERVE – repository of national and international research and projects;
DISSEMINATE – communicate with different audiences beyond the scientific community, with a view to raising awareness and alerting them to issues in which sport can play a beneficial role;
LISTEN – reflect on and develop research that seeks to respond to identified needs;
CREATE – consultancy, development and innovation, through the creation of new projects with an impact on the community, training actions.

*[The creation of this observatory stems from the Work Programme of Teresa Silva Dias, contracted by FPCEUP under the Programme Contract Stimulus for Scientific Employment (CEEC) individual 2020, 3rd edition, ref. 2020.02610.CEECIND].


+351 22 607 9700 (extension 218)
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Rede de Parceiros (em atualização):

  • Clubes Desportivos
  • Escolas
  • Federações e Associações desportivas Distritais e Nacionais
  • Autarquias
  • Escolas de Formação Desportiva
  • Associações Juvenis