DITE Seminar: Internationalisation and diversity in initial teacher training

The Dite Project - Diverse Internationalisation of Teacher Education is an international project funded by the European Commission that aims to promote the integration of the internationalisation dimension in initial teacher training, considering the need to prepare future teachers for the challenges of globalisation and the growing cultural diversity that characterise school education today.

In Portugal, the project involves four faculties at the University of Porto: the Faculty of Sciences, the Faculty of Sport, the Faculty of Letters and the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences.

The seminar aims to present the project results and provide an opportunity for debate on initial teacher training, with a particular focus on the issue of internationalisation "at home".

Admission is free, but prior registration is required.


9:30 Opening session
Sónia Rodrigues, Pro-Rector for Pedagogical Innovation, Continuous Improvement and Promotion of the Portuguese Language
Pedro Nobre, Director of UP's Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences
Fátima Pereira, Local Coordinator of the DITE Project - Diverse Internationalisation of Teacher Education

10:00 Presentation of the DITE Project
Fátima Pereira (FPCEUP), Henrique Vaz (FPCEUP) and Maria João Couto (FLUP)

10:30 Coffee break         

11:00 Conference
Teacher Training: What does the research say?
Assunção Flores (University of Minho)
Moderator: Amélia Lopes (FPCEUP)

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Round table
Internationalisation experiences in initial teacher training - student testimonies
Alexandre Campos Gandra - FCUP | Master's in Biology and Geology Teaching
Joana Jardim - FPCEUP/FBAUP | Master's in Visual Arts Teaching
Mariana Vieira - FADEUP | Master's in Physical Education Teaching
Sílvia Martins - FLUP | Master's in Portuguese Teaching
Marco Pinto - FLUP | Master's in Geography Teaching
Dynamisation: Rosa Ferreira (FCUP) and Thiago Freires (CIIE/FPCEUP)

15:30 Coffee break

16:00 Round table
Dynamics of inclusion and diversity in the context of education and supervision practices - the perspectives of supervising teachers
Nuno Correia - Escola Secundária de Gondomar | Co-operating Teacher on the Master's Degree in Biology and Geology Teaching (FCUP)
Raquel Morais - Escola Artística e Profissional Árvore | Co-operating Teacher in Visual Arts Teaching (FBAUP/FPCEUP)
Alice Ribeiro - Dr Joaquim Gomes Ferreira Alves Secondary School | Cooperating Teacher in the Master's Degree in Portuguese Language Teaching (FLUP)
Eduardo Alberto Guedes Rodrigues - Ermesinde Secondary School | Co-operating Teacher on the Master's Degree in Physical Education Teaching (FADEUP)
Dynamisation: Clara Vasconcelos (FCUP), Paula Queirós (FADEUP) and Paulo Santos (FLUP)

17:30 Closing session


Start Date: 09:30 - 22 Jun 2024

End Date: 18:00 - 22 Jun 2024


Clara Vasconcelos (FCUP), Fátima Pereira (CIIE/FPCEUP), Paula Queirós (FADEUP), Paula Silva (FADEUP), Paulo Santos (FLUP) and Thiago Freires (CIIE/FPCEUP)