The Exercise Toolkit for Diversity and Internationalisation in Higher Education was created within the project SOLVINC - Solving intercultural conflicts with international students (2018-2020 | 2018-1-PL01-KA203-050751). This toolkit offers exercises in six modules on diversity and internationalization that may be used in diversity trainings and for preparing international students when they go abroad or come back to their home university after an academic stay abroad. All 27 exercises (reflective tools, action tools, and research tools) contribute to strengthening intercultural skills of students. The toolkit serves as a flexible pool of exercises which can be used for different student groups and be adapted to different group needs.
Aside from content, the training material focuses on didactic delivery and approaches, guiding HEIs on how to devise such a training for their staff.
The training operates with non-formal pedagogy and learner-centred methods (using case studies, small-group work), in order to enable sustainable processes of intercultural learning. It is available in 5 language versions: ENG, DE, FR, PL and PT - HERE.