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The Learning for Teaching Tools - Interactive Web-app for Teachers was developed within the project NORADICA InterReligious Dialogue Against Radicalization of Youth through Innovative Learning Practices at School (2018 - 2021 | 2017-1-IT02-KA201-037002).
Partners developed an interactive ebook web-app for teachers starting from the data and information collected in O1. Infographics style and data constituted the background for the interactive ebook web-app contents enriched by audios, videos, photo galleries and links to external resources.
Ebook was made in a very friendly, ready-to-use, active and funny style. The NORADICA interactive web-app ebook for teachers can be considered an enhanced book-like experience, providing interaction with content, data, and resources offering a different path for exploration every time. The transferability of this output is very high taking into consideration the present evolution of the Eu teaching priority that progressively shift to a significant integration of ICT (and apps in particular) into school environment.
The web-app can be opened even by smartphones at: