The Reader on Culture Shocks in Higher Education was developed under the project SOLVINC – Solving intercultural conflicts with international students (2018-2020 | 2018-1-PL01-KA203-050751). It is a collection of real life experiences of intercultural conflict by international students which have been gathered and analysed using the action-research and case-analysis method of critical incidents by Cohen-Emerique (2015). The reader serves as compendium for students, Higher Education (HE) staff and members of the public interested in intercultural learning, portraying real cases of personal experiences of intercultural conflict, and can support the analysis of concrete cases and situations which come up in multicultural settings in HE. The method helps to move beyond the mere identification of the sources of the tension by facilitating the identification of concrete solutions to the problem. It is available in the following language versions: ENG, DE, FR, PL and PT - HERE.