The Reader on Sensitive Zones, developed within the project SOLVINC – Solving intercultural conflicts with international students (2018-2020 | 2018-1-PL01-KA203-050751), provides background knowledge and theoretical framing to the concrete cases of intercultural conflict presented in the collection of critical incidents. Thereby, it provides readers unfamiliar with research on interculturality with knowledge on typical areas of conflict and information as to why tensions are high around these specific sensitive zones in intercultural encounters in Higher Education (HE). The reader thus constitutes a unique example of bridging concrete instances of conflict with academic knowledge able to reach members of the general public interested in interculturality as well as students and HE staff wishing to embark in intercultural learning. Due to the interdisciplinary make-up of the project team (psychology, sociology, pedagogy, geography) the reader draws on insights from a diversity of subject matters. The reader may be used as teaching resource in workshops on intercultural competence in HE institutions. It is available in the following language versions: ENG, DE, FR, PL and PT - HERE.