The Online Toolkit ‘Learning from Culture Shocks’ was created under the project SOLVINC - Solving intercultural conflicts with international students (2018-2020 | 2018-1-PL01-KA203-050751), for students, faculty and staff of higher education institutions who are in some way involved with international mobility: students who are planning or living international mobility and staff who are welcoming or preparing students for such an experience. It can be used as an autonomous learning tool or as inspiration for preparing on-arrival or pre-departure workshops for students in international mobility.
The online-tool is not only text-based, but illustrates other resources produced by the project, namely the reader on culture shocks in higher education, the 35 critical incidents, the reader on sensitive zones and each sensitive zone itself in a visually appealing way with pictures, icons and graphics. The tool is available in 5 languages versions: ENG, DE, FR, PL and PT – HERE.